Client Reviews

“Very professional, to say the least! I deal with the owner of LPA, Roger Sander. He has a wealth of business experience and plenty of recommendations that all work for us. We have been in business over 15 years with little growth. Within 1 week of joining LPA my wife and I felt like we were on top of the world. LPA and their system has made everything so easy we finally have time to spend doing things we haven’t done for years. Thanks LPA, we’ll tell a lot of folks what you’ve done for us.”

                                                                                               Paul & Linda M

Benchmark Profit Solutions

­­Phoenix AZ

“I could talk for hours about my progression, increased sales and loss free profit. Business owners will get a definite lesson on how to run their business, make more profit and bring in more customers. Lost Profit Associates are pleasant to work with and firm in their beliefs. Anyone who pushes them aside is a downright fool. I’d be in bankruptcy today had it not been for a friend who told me about them. Don’t be too proud to get help when you know you need it. Just go for it. It costs you nothing!”

                                                                                             Johnny U


Harvard Avenue Palmerton PA 18071 US

Indianapolis IN

“I am very pleased with LPA and what they have done for my company and my nerves! No more pressure and more free time. Their installation and training was simple and fast. Profit is up. We are now installing a employee incentive pay plan to increase our profit even more and to make our people happier and work harder and smarter. Take on LPA to make your life much, much easier and less complicated.

                                                                                             Frederick B