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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    My business does $1 M revenue annually. Am I too small for what you do for company’s?

A.    BPS works with pre-start ups, recent start ups and businesses with zero or very little profit. So,

       No you are not too small


 Q.   Is there a limit to the number of employees we have?

 A.   We prefer 4 or more employees. If you are a pre-start up or have been in business a long time

       we can help in hiring the right people.


Q.  What if your analysis of my business dictates no or very little lost profit?

A.  I would say Congratulations! As for the “very little” lost profit, we would be happy to help you find

      where the “very little” is and  how to fix it on a no charge basis. You may consider leasing our system

      to remain a healthy business into the future. We can agree on a reduced cost. We have several

      clients currently on this plan.



Q.   Has the BPS system worked for all of your clients?

A.   NO! 7% of our clients opted out within the first month coming on board mainly due to their

       reluctance in making the necessary recommended changes to eliminate their lost profit problems.

      90% of our clients are doing extremely well and most are in the top 5% of their industry regarding

      profitability. About 3% don’t have a clue, but they seem to enjoy hang around with us I guess

      because we never give up on a client!


Q.  Do you have local or regional seminars or group meetings to introduce company’s system?

 A.   No! Currently we rely on word-of-mouth recommendations to visit our site. We are working

       on a program that will mirror a 20 Group idea exchange format. It will be a, somewhere in

       the U.S., resort based location completely free for clients who are invited. We hope to kick-

       off the program in the second quarter of 2016.


Q.  You mention on your site “we buy businesses.” Can you give details?

 A.   Yes, we do buy businesses that are operating and open for business for at least the last 2 or

       more years and have 2 year-end Profit and Loss reports available. With that said, the rest

      the conversation regarding us purchasing your business must be done via phone with the

      President of Lost Profit Associates. Mr. Sander can be reached at 484-707-9758.


Q.    I don’t like to hand out my financial information. How can we handle the P&L forwarding?

 A.    Literally all business owners feel the same as you do. You give your personal and business info

       to your CPA/Accountant, bankers and other professionals they all give you owner/client privacy.
       Even your doctor gives you the assurance of doctor/patient privacy. When LPA becomes your

       business doctor you get the same privacy treatment.  We do numerical coding on all your paper

       work when your name, your business name, address and phone number disappear. Only the LPA

       owner holds the code and names. We also cover your and our interests with a  double signed

       Confidentiality Agreement.



Q.   Can you give an example of a real time clients lost profit found by your analysis?  

A.   January 2012 signed on a new client who’s 2011 year-end revenue was $2.131 million with a net

       profit of $850.00. Within hours the LPA system $186,000 in lost profit buried in operational

       in-efficiencies. We told the owner what needed to be done TODAY or there may not be a next

       month or even a next week. They made the changes over the next two days. On the  fourth

       day they started realizing profits equating to $186k thru the next 264 work days. SUCCESS!



“Having this system is like having LOST PROFIT INSURANCE. I can now closely watch and correct every 

line item trend on my own Benchmark Financial Statement.”      - A valued Lost Profit advocate.