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Benchmark Profit Solutions

Financial Services

You could have had $40,000 more in your bank last year! Pretty alarming isn’t it?

After we show you how to fix these problems (and you actually do fix them) we can clearly see additional profit within two days on your Daily Operating Control (DOC) report. Then we start increasing your sales and revenue. You DO NOT want to increase sales, using our proven low cost advertising, prior making changes in your operation.

When we review your Benchmark Statement with you, it will clearly convince you to have this system to fix current and future problems within your business. LPA will tell you precisely how to fix the problem, and there is only 1 fix that will work immediately, so you will see a solid profit in the next two days.

Why do I need to Benchmark my company?

Banks, analysts, investors, stockholders and lenders love to examine well-prepared Financial Income Statements that can show positive growth as a result of benchmark activity. A healthy Financial Income Statement reflecting productive improvements puts you in a much better position in the eyes of investors and lenders alike. Lost Profit Associates provides not only the benchmark numbers you need to compare your current productivity to best-in-class companies, but LPA also provides comprehensive analysis to help you resolve any issues that may be limiting your financial success. This can quickly strengthen your image and help your company to secure financial growth.

How do I start Benchmarking?

LPA’s proprietary software allows smaller businesses like yours to measure performance against top companies without spending thousands on analysts and consultants. The program is easy to use and BPA will provide training for you at no additional charge.

Fill out the free Business Evaluation box with “No Strings Attached…No Obligation.” 

Sample Comparison         

                                                                                        Benchmark Company              Your Company

Annual Revenue                                                            $1,000,000                                 $1,000,000                   

Profit                                                                                   $70,000            -                 $30,000 = $40,000 Annual Lost Profit

What is Business Benchmarking?   

Business Benchmark is comparing your Revenue and Expenses against the most profitable and efficient companies in your industry. This helps you identify the differences that may be keeping you from having the same success as your peers or competitors. With your year-end Profit & Loss report, we transfer each line item from your P&L, both revenue and expense, on to a Copyright and Trademark Benchmark Financial Statement.  We then extensively research companies with exact same Federal Tax I.D. numbers as yours and with REVENUE similar to yours BUT with much higher NET PROFIT. Next we place your line items beside the benchmark company. At this point we easily find your deficiency(s) called LOST PROFIT!

Benchmark database users achieved 69 percent faster growth and 45 percent greater productivity.

Price-Waterhouse-Coopers’ Trendsetter Barometer” interviewed 405 CEO's of product and service companies identified in the media as the fastest growing U.S. businesses over the last five years. The findings concluded that… “Fast growth companies using a Benchmark database to measure business performance against their peers are growing considerably faster, and are much more profitable and productive than those that do not.”