Business Management is the ability to control the planning, organizing and directing of a business or company to be flawless administratively and operationally.

Lost Profit Associates, its owner and staff, pride themselves in being the only company in the World that can move a business from low profit margins or near bankruptcy to being highly profitable in less than 2 weeks. We’ve done it for many companies. We operate in a highly confidential business environment. We do not divulge names, addresses or any type of financial information to anyone. We furnish all potential clients with a Confidentiality Agreement for your privacy and protection.

If you are fully committed to keeping your company and agree to rapid growth, then we are the folks you need to team with. If you are a start up business you need us to eliminate poor decisions before they are made. We can help you make profit from day one! We’ve been there, done that!

Our Benchmark Financial Statement lets you do your Accounting, Forecasting and Budgeting as part of your ongoing revenue streams and expense limitation and it’s all done on the same page. This is brand new to the business world and our current clients love it simply because our system is so easy to use.

With a knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy manager running your day to day operations, you, the owner, can manage the manager from anywhere in the world with communications being what they are today.

We guarantee what we say and what we do for you, your family, your work team and your business. “Your Satisfaction With Our Work Is Our Goal and our Growth” Let’s Grow Together.     

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Doing it yourself doesn’t always pan out. Rely on our knowledge and experience instead. Your business and your future is in the best of hands with Lost Profit Associates, LLC.

Business Management

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Founder and CEO Roger D. Sander brings more than 45 years of business experience to Lost Profit Associates, LLC. His breadth of experience as a business owner, sales trainer, and consultant uniquely positions Lost Profit Associates, LLC as a premier provider of expert advice for small and medium-sized businesses nationwide, Canada and soon Worldwide. .

Customer Review.

“I am very pleased with BPS and what they have done for my company and my nerves! No more pressure and more free time. Their installation and training was simple and fast. Profit is up. We are now installing a employee incentive pay plan to increase our profit even more and to make our people happier and work harder and smarter. Take on BPS to make your life much, much easier and less complicated.                                                                                             Frederick B.   -Indianapolis, IN

Mr. Sander’s first business venture was his largest, a triple division GM car dealership, which he owned and operated with great success for 15 years. As a new car dealer, he was required to attend training at the Kettering Institute, then known as General Motors Institute (GMI), in Flint, MI. It was there he learned the vital principles of running a car dealership by utilizing a benchmark financial statement as a key tool.
After selling the car dealership in 1987, Mr. Sander went on to own several other businesses of various types. He built each of these from the ground up, ran them effectively, and sold them successfully. For each of these businesses, he utilized the key insights he learned at GMI and successfully applied in running his new car dealership—the use of a benchmarking financial statement as a basis for making vital business decisions.
Today, Lost Profit Associates, Benchmark Profit Solutions passes on this wealth of knowledge to business owners. We take a simple approach, offering an easy-to-use system for measuring business performance. As a business owner, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. We deliver results through increased business profit, better employee morale, and improved owner satisfaction. Make your life and business less complicated. Reach out to us for a free business analysis!


No business can survive without profit and every business owner needs to generate as much profit as possible. Most business owners fail to realize that there is likely lost profit hidden in their business right now. In virtually every small- and medium-sized business, there are issues, usually hidden within the routine of day-to-day operations that result in lost profit.

Lost Profit Associates, BPS is a Business Management and evaluation firm that specializes in helping clients locate their lost profits. We have refined the proven technique of business benchmarking into our copyrighted and trademarked Lost Profit Business Benchmark Financial Statement system. This is a non-web based accounting tool used in-house to uncover every profit-reducing issue within a company.

Our unique approach to benchmarking first measures your company’s performance through the creation of a benchmark financial statement. We then measure your performance line-by-line against companies similar to yours that generate a much higher rate of profit. This quickly identifies areas of inefficiency in your company and highlights the location of lost profit. This highly effective technique proves the validity of our core principle of business analysis: As a business owner you can’t manage what you can not measure.

Lost Profit Associates, Benchmark Profit Solutions offers specialized services in the area of employee relations that help your business both tap into an area of lost profit and avoid creating another one. We help businesses develop effective incentive pay plans that motivate employees, boost their productivity and contribute to increased profit. Our employee hiring solutions help your business hire the right employee when you need to add staff.

Lost Profit Associates, LLC is your only source for our Lost Profit system. We can help your business increase profit. Call us to schedule a free a fr;6ee business evaluation.

We want nothing more than to keep you and your company secure, profitable and continually on track..

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We want to surround our company and our clients with highly successful and overly friendly citizens, business owners and local and state political figures.

 As our client/partner you will get the best service, top level new proven ideas and guidance in attaining a top level of business ownership within your industry. This is our plan and our goal. Our success speaks for itself! 

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For most business owners working with their financials is not fun or convenient. So, we want make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. We genuinely care about you’re your business your employees (Team) and your family and you’ll quickly see that it shows. Our clients continually become our long term friends time and time again, using us for their financial needs.

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We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of Business Management service, so we expect you to call us frequently with questions needing answers. We may need an hour or two to get back with you to give you the best and only answer you’ll need to move your business ahead more efficiently and profitably. 

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