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Benchmark Profit Solutions

Lost Profit Exists In Every Business 

Lost Profit Associates LLC and Locate Lost Profit.com will find, destroy and maintain a clean, orderly and easy to use profit reporting system inside of several days.

Discover how you can use what would have been lost Profit money to:

• Increase profit margins, revenue and cash flow

• Grow your business with RESULTS THAT PAY OFF INSTANTLY

•  Qualify for extremely low TV and other advertising

•  Easily become a industry profit leader

•  Avoid bankruptcy and losing everything you own

•  Hire new highly qualified employees

•  Attain and maintain ease of business operations and much more

We’ve all been there…..Baffled by low profit
margins, dwindling net profit and a lack of
knowing where the problems are. Lost Profit Associates (LPA)  has the only Business Management tool capable of finding and fixing

all profit-related problems. We give you a free Business Evaluation to determine the amount

of Lost Profit existing in your last full year of operation. Our system software is available to purchase or lease, used Worldwide. The system is also a “must have” for every start-up company.

“Having this Business Management system is like having LOST PROFIT INSURANCE. I can now closely watch and correct every line item trend on my own Benchmark Financial Statement.”


Business Benchmark Accounting

Monitoring every penny of every sales dollar should be a mandatory exercise for all business owners. Unfortunately a vast majority have little or no clue how to find that elusive Lost Profit in their business.

Benchmark Profit Solutions (BPS) is the only company in the World with a system capable of easily and quickly finding more profit in all types and size business and companies.

The additional money found will more than pay for our services and education giving you a perfect company well into the future.

Benchmark Profit Solutions  (BPS)


Past statistics published by the Small Business Administration (SBA), tell us about 50% of all...

Learn how to crush your direct local and regional competition. Use our...

After your Lost profit issues and problems are fixed LPA will assist you in creating instant customer...



Great for Start-Ups

Crush Your Competition

Increase Your Sales

Maximize Your Profits

Why I Need

3rd Party Benchmarking:

What is Business Benchmarking?

The Lost Profit Business

Benchmark Financial Statement System is considered a tax...

The need for a business to regularly review its internal processes and systems is...

Business Benchmarking is comparing your Revenue and Expenses against the most profitable company very similar in size, products and demographics as your business.